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Standard Power Chooses NuScale Small Modular Reactor Technology for Data Centers

Standard Power, a provider of infrastructure as a service to advanced data processing companies, recently announced plans to develop two small modular reactor-powered facilities that will together produce nearly 2 gigawatts of energy and has chosen to work with NuScale Power and ENTRA1 Energy to support Standard Power’s two projects.

The facilities will be located in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Standard Power aims to use the carbon-free energy to power nearby data centers.

As the technology provider, NuScale will provide its approved NuScale SMR technology for these projects, the only SMR technology that has received design approval from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

In 2022, NuScale formed an exclusive global partnership with ENTRA1 Energy to commercialize the NuScale SMR technology. Through this partnership, ENTRA1 Energy has the rights to develop, manage, own and operate energy production plants powered by NuScale’s approved SMR technology.

Based on Standard Power’s plans for the two facilities, NuScale will end up providing 24 units of 77 MWe modules collectively producing 1,848 MWe from both the Ohio and Pennsylvania sites.

The NRC recently accepted a Limited Work Authorization application for formal review related to a small modular reactor project being pursued by Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems.

After technical review of the application, which was submitted on July 31, 2023, the NRC docketed the application that seeks approval to commence early construction activities for the Carbon Free Power Project prior to issuance of the Combined License.

Meanwhile, at a recent Northwest Public Power Association conference, Jason Herbert, Senior Director for External Strategy at Energy Northwest, detailed the joint action agency’s plans for the development of small modular reactors.

In July, Energy Northwest and X-Energy Reactor Company LLC announced the signing of a joint development agreement for up to 12 advanced small modular reactors in central Washington capable of generating up to a total of 960 megawatts of electricity. 

Under the agreement, the project is expected to be developed at a site controlled by Energy Northwest adjacent to the JAA’s Columbia Generating Station. 

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