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SMUD, Optiwatt Expand Incentivized EV Charging Program

California public power utility SMUD and Optiwatt recently announced a partnership to expand SMUD’s existing electric vehicle charging pilot to include Tesla drivers and help meet increased energy demand as more Californians adopt electric vehicles.

Together, Optiwatt and SMUD are inviting Tesla owners across the Sacramento region to participate in the SMUD Managed EV Charging program, a test program which monitors, automates and manages customers’ EV charging needs in balance with grid demands.

Users are incentivized with a one-time $150 reward per vehicle after sign-up, as well as an ongoing $20 quarterly rebate for the duration of vehicle’s enrollment. All rewards are remitted directly through the Optiwatt platform, available via gift card, Venmo, Paypal or ACH deposit.

“Pairing Optiwatt’s application technology with SMUD’s distribution to more than 1.5 million customers, the Managed EV Charging program is an important step in ensuring the grid maintains long-term resilience during the influx of vehicle electrification,” SMUD said

The SMUD Managed EV Charging program supports Ford, GM, BMW and now Tesla, battery electric vehicles. Tesla vehicles are now supported by the Optiwatt application, while Ford, GM and BMW customers can sign up directly with the car manufacturers App.

To enroll, Tesla owners can download the free Optiwatt app, available on iOS, Android or on the web. Visit SMUD’s Managed EV Charging program page for more information.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Optiwatt is the largest telematics-based home energy analytics platform in North America.

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