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Sikeston Board of Municipal Utilities Launches Energy Planning Process

The Sikeston Board of Municipal Utilities, a Missouri public power utility, recently announced that it is initiating a review of the community’s future energy needs and the best way to meet them. 

“The process SBMU is using will help the utility understand options and which ones are best able to provide rate stability, energy reliability, the ability to serve current and future electrical loads, the use of technology options for customer benefit, and maintaining SBMU’s ability to provide future benefits for the community through the supply of power,” it said on June 7.

The integrated resource planning process kicked off with an open house event on June 14.

An initial draft analysis is expected in late 2023.

SBMU is a city-owned utility that provides electricity, water, and sanitary sewer services within the city.  The utility owns and operates the Sikeston Power Station, a 235-megawatt coal-fired electricity generating facility which began operations in 1981.