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Pineville, North Carolina, Details Plans for New Substation

The public power community of Pineville, N.C., on Dec. 5 detailed its plans for the construction of a new electric substation to serve new electric loads.

“Additional developments are in progress or in the planning stages to be located in Pineville that will require more electric capacity than is currently available to maintain reliable electric service to all customers,” the town said in a news release.

The addition of the new substation “will provide capacity for many years to come and will serve as a back-up source to an existing substation that will increase system reliability to help prevent power outages,” the town said.

The location for the new substation “was not determined without an extensive investigation into all possible sites,” Pineville said.

The town spent several years investigating potential sites for the substation and the location was determined to be the most economical and least obtrusive to the community.

Four other sites had environmental concerns such as wetlands or floodplains that prevented the substation from being constructed there.

The town noted that the substation will be enclosed by a brick wall with plantings around the outside to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

There will be at least one opportunity for citizens to address the Pineville Town Council before a final decision is made on the new substation’s placement.

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