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Ohio Siting Board Authorizes Construction of 800-MW Solar Project, 300-MW Storage Facility

The Ohio Power Siting Board on March 21 authorized Oak Run Solar Project LLC to construct an 800-megawatt solar-powered electric generation facility, two 3.5-mile long transmission lines and a 300 MW battery energy storage facility in Monroe, Somerford, and Deercreek townships in Madison County, Ohio.

The Oak Run Solar Project will consist of arrays of photovoltaic modules, ground-mounted on a tracking rack system, as well as associated facilities including access roads, an operations and maintenance building, underground and overhead electric collection lines, weather stations, inverters and transformers, and a collection substation.

The project will occupy approximately 4,400 acres within a 6,050-acre project area.

The OPSB approved 46 conditions agreed upon by Oak Run Solar Project, the OPSB staff, and intervenors.

Oak Run Solar Project must adhere to these conditions to minimize and mitigate potential impacts during the construction and operation of the facility, the OPSB said.

Agrivoltaic Program

Oak Run Solar Project plans to implement an agrivoltaic program for planting crops and grazing livestock in the rows between solar panels and along the perimeter of the project.

The agrivoltaic program will be the nation’s largest and a first of its kind utility-scale solar energy plan for livestock grazing and row crops, according to the OPSB.

According to the project’s conditions, after the first year of operation, Oak Run Solar Project must graze at least 1,000 sheep and 2,000 crop acres, and within eight years of operation, at least 70 percent of the farmable project area, or 4,000 crop acres, must include agrivoltaics.

The benefits anticipated from agrivoltaics include contracts with local farmers and businesses, generating income and entrepreneurial opportunities for the area.