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NYPA Pre-Qualifies Renewable Energy Developers, Investors for Collaboration Opportunities

The New York Power Authority has pre-qualified 79 private developers and investors to collaborate with NYPA on the development of renewable energy generating projects, including solar photovoltaic, wind, battery storage, green hydrogen, geothermal, and related transmission.

The selected entities -- some of which were qualified only for one technology or category -- were identified through a competitive Request for Qualifications, released in March, that sought interest and information from renewable developers outlining their experience and qualifications.

 The entities identified are prequalified for five years and may now respond to both future Requests for Proposals or other procurement offerings from NYPA where there will be the opportunity to submit complete project proposals, including terms and costs.

Respondents were assessed based on several considerations, including an evaluation of experience, financial overview, partnership structure customization and flexibility, knowledge of market dynamics and incentives, proven engagement within New York State, and team size and resources.

The RFQ will remain open and NYPA will continue to evaluate statements of qualifications for additional participants that may be interested in co-development or co-investment opportunities.

Companies that did not qualify for this solicitation may respond to similar future procurement actions that better align with their business models.

NYPA said a robust response to an earlier NYPA Request for Information, as well as discussions with stakeholders, including those consulted in NYPA’s first annual conferral process completed late last year, helped inform the prequalification process.

 NYPA will now proceed with a planning process that will include conferrals and public hearings on its renewable energy development strategic plan, which NYPA will publish in January 2025.