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NYPA Launches Process Tied to Renewable Energy Generation Priorities

The New York Power Authority on Aug. 10 said it has begun a process called for in legislation included in the 2023-24 enacted New York State budget that provides NYPA with new authority to develop, own, and operate renewable energy-generating projects to assist the state in meeting its clean energy targets.

Through the conferral process, the Power Authority will gather input from state agencies and key stakeholders regarding progress on the implementation of New York’s renewable energy goals as outlined in the state’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.

NYPA leadership will confer with sister state agencies charged with implementing the state’s clean energy agenda.

Next, NYPA staff will meet with additional pertinent stakeholders, including climate and resiliency experts, labor organizations, and environmental justice and community organizations.

The conferral process will yield a report by NYPA that includes stakeholder perspectives on the state’s progress on CLCPA renewable energy goals, information about the generation interconnection process of the New York Independent System Operator, and other important issues, NYPA said.

The conferral report will be made public and used by the Power Authority to inform the development of a strategic plan that identifies projects and describes other actions NYPA will undertake to help the state meet its clean energy targets.

“With Governor Hochul’s leadership, we at the New York Power Authority will build upon our unique position and experience in operating the state’s clean energy hydropower plants for the past sixty years to work with stakeholders and help shape the clean energy vision for New York State,” said NYPA President and CEO Justin Driscoll. “The conferral process is the first step in our commitment to learn how we can best fill in gaps and put our distinct resources to work. We are excited to hear from our collaborators as we embark upon identifying new renewable energy generation projects that will help enable New York to lead the country’s decarbonization journey.”

A conferral process task force will shape the outreach and report. The task force, led by Yves Noel, NYPA’s senior vice president and chief strategy officer, and Phil Toia, president, NYPA Development, consists of a cross-functional team that will leverage internal subject matter experts from across NYPA including development, strategy, legal, and technical departments.

In May 2023, the 2023-24 Enacted State Budget provided NYPA with new authority to develop, own, and operate renewable energy generating projects -- either alone or in collaboration with other entities -- to assist the state in meeting its clean energy targets, including producing 70% of the state’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030 and creating a zero-emission statewide electrical system by 2040.