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NYPA Celebrates Official Opening of Grid Simulation Laboratory

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul on May 29 announced the official opening of a first-of-its-kind, world-class electric grid and power systems laboratory based at NY CREATES’ Albany NanoTech Complex, the nation’s most advanced non-profit semiconductor research and development facility. 

Created by the New York Power Authority, the newly expanded Advanced Grid Innovation Laboratory for Energy (AGILe) provides real-time electric grid simulation to evaluate future scenarios and to test the impacts of new and improved technologies on the bulk electric system without placing the state’s electric grid at risk, NYPA said on May 29.

The AGILe lab located in the Zero Energy Nanotechnology building, enables testing, modeling and validation of new electrification technologies, electric grid improvements, transmission-related products and services, and novel solutions for energy systems. 

The AGILe lab offers customers the ability to test technologies in real-time on a digital model of the New York State power grid and its ancillary systems.

NYPA Trustee Laurie Wheelock said, “AGILe’s work seeks to leverage cutting-edge technologies to test energy solutions in real-time without risking the integrity of New York’s grid. The development of the lab is representative of the Power Authority’s continued collaboration with clean energy partners to advance New York’s Climate Act goals, and its timely opening will help inform NYPA on the most affordable and efficient ways to incorporate new renewables into our statewide power network.”

NYPA President and CEO Justin E. Driscoll said, “The Advanced Grid Innovation Laboratory for Energy is integral to our success in advancing the state’s transition to a clean energy economy. Through novel research collaborations that leverage the data and analysis capability of AGILe, we will answer important questions about the grid of the future so that our energy resources and supporting transmission system are state-of-the-art and able to support our ambitious energy goals. AGILe is a global resource that can be used by any vendor, utility, or research entity seeking to answer pressing energy innovation questions.”

AGILe will also enable the evaluation of the impact of increased penetration of intermittent renewable resources into New York State’s electric grid. Clean energy technologies, such as battery storage systems, electric vehicles, and associated infrastructure, can be connected to AGILe to test efficacy and evaluate performance.

Learnings can then be applied so that product improvements can be made before products and services are deployed to the electric grid or energy system.

New York is on a path to achieving a zero-emission electricity sector by 2040, including 70 percent renewable energy generation by 2030. The AGILe lab will enable customers to test strategies, products and services that will help advance the state’s climate and clean energy goals, NYPA said.

The AGILe lab will collaborate with various energy-focused organizations, including Electric Power Research Institute, the Long Island Power Authority, the New York Independent Systems Operator, New York investor-owned utilities, and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority to support research, evaluation and testing of emerging technologies.

NYSERDA is partnering with NYPA to support initiatives on power grid reliability, grid modernization and operational flexibility, cyber security and grid resiliency over the next three years.

Under a newly signed Memorandum of Understanding, NYSERDA will make $8 million available through a future competitive solicitation for projects that best utilize AGILe's data, computing resources and staff. An additional $1 million will be used for research and analysis directed by NYSERDA in collaboration with key stakeholders.

The expanded AGILe can be used by vendors and energy innovators to accelerate the deployment of new technologies and advance their clean energy research and testing using cost-effective, safe and practical methods.

AGILe systems can service the needs of New York State agencies, electric utilities, technology firms, universities, and independent system operators from around the world to accelerate the interconnection of renewable energy, perform research and development of cybersecurity, and other advanced technologies for grid analysis and operation, including the application of artificial intelligence and wholesale electricity market studies.

The facility’s main capability is a detailed digital model that mimics the behavior of New York’s electric grid, providing real-time insights and predictive analytics in a low-risk and cost-effective way. System users also have access to a portfolio of technology solutions and can use a variety of models in different disciplines to study various impacts on system performance.

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