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NPPD Welcomes Paxton, Neb., as Newest Retail Town

The Village of Paxton, Neb., has entered into a Professional Retail Operating Agreement with Nebraska Public Power District that went into effect March 1.

The Village will retain ownership of the electric system, while NPPD will provide all the functions of electric service, including operating the system, responding to outages, billing customers, and providing customer service. Customer electric accounts will automatically be transitioned to NPPD’s system.

“NPPD is very excited to welcome Paxton as our 80th retail community, and we look forward to providing the village with reliable and affordable power for years to come,” said NPPD General Manager of Retail Pat Hanrahan. Customers will have access to the NPPD web portal and mobile app to view and manage their accounts or can utilize.  

As part of the transition, NPPD crews will replace the current electric meters with new ones.

The new meters are equipped with two-way communication known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure. The new meters allow NPPD personnel to automatically read electric meters from service centers, provide a higher level of customer service, help customer service representatives troubleshoot billing concerns, and improve electric service reliability and power quality for customers, NPPD said.

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