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New York Agency Issues RFIs for Renewable Energy, State Unveils Awards for 6.4 GW of Projects

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority recently issued two requests for information, one for offshore wind and one for land-based renewables.

The purpose of the RFIs is to invite industry stakeholders to review and comment on the potential structure and relative merits of expedited solicitations for Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Certificates and Renewable Energy Standard Tier 1 Certificates.

The deadline to provide feedback to the RFIs is Thursday, November 2 for the Offshore Wind RFI, and Friday, November 3 for the Tier 1 Land-Based Renewables RFI.
The information gathered from the RFIs will inform next steps to launch accelerated land-based and offshore wind procurements.

In related news, New York Gov. Kathleen Hochul on Oct. 24 announced conditional awards included three offshore wind and 22 land-based renewable energy projects totaling 6.4 gigawatts of clean energy.

“LIPA proudly stands with Governor Hochul as we make history with this monumental investment in renewable energy,” said Long Island Power Authority Chief Executive Officer Thomas Falcone.

“These projects are part of a shared commitment to a sustainable future, directly aligning with LIPA’s vision of delivering clean, reliable, and affordable electricity to our communities. Governor Hochul is transforming how we power New York while creating thousands of jobs in a new industry.”