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New Generation Comes Online for Oberlin, Kansas

The city of Oberlin, Kansas, officially produced electricity May 21 with two new C175 Cat generators, the Kansas Municipal Energy Agency reported in a recent issue of its Utility Connection newsletter.

 The city staff along with KMEA/Mid-States and Foley Equipment made final adjustments to bring the new generation online, KMEA reported.  

The project was first approved by the Oberlin governing body on December 15, 2022.  

This is the first generation project utilizing the KMEA financing structure. This structure allows the city to utilize KMEA to bond the capital for the construction cost. The city will see that debt obligation as a capacity charge on the monthly bill from KMEA.

Oberlin “will no longer be subjected to lengthy power outages and now has the opportunity to claim 6 MW of inhouse generation as well as retaining $60,000 per year in savings from utilities needed to keep the old plant ‘run ready.’ This strategic move not only ensures uninterrupted power supply but also signifies a significant step towards financial efficiency and sustainability for Oberlin,” said Oberlin Co-Administrator David Sporn. 

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