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Nebraska Utility Launches New Program To Support Local Businesses

Nebraska’s Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) recently launched a new tool to help provide support to small businesses in the local community.

According to a recent article in OPPD’s The Wire newsletter, SizeUpNebraska is a web platform that offers a variety of tools, data, and research that local businesses can utilize to compare competition, identify market characteristics, and discover ways to optimize marketing efforts. 

Interested businesses can also use the new tool to discover potential customers and suppliers. Users can find suppliers closer to their business using the tool’s location functions. The platform also helps to identify where competitors are located.

SizeUpNebraska will be available to the communities served by OPPD. The platform is free for businesses to access, and no formal training is required. 

OPPD’s Economic Development team saw how other utilities used the platform to provide value to large and small businesses. The team began working to bring SizeUpNebraska to OPPD’s communities with the goal of helping the local economy thrive.  

Other features of SizeUpNebraska include identifying top businesses in the area, analyzing customer characteristics, showing how to make better decisions based on data, and offering recommendations based on the data provided. 

The tool also aims to attract new businesses and up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

OPPD says the tool will help businesses grow by giving them access to key market research and data that they otherwise could not find.

Additional information about OPPD’s economic development initiatives are available here.