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MLGW Contractor to Inspect Transmission System Structures With Drones

Memphis Light, Gas and Water has hired PLP Inspection Services, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle contractor, to inspect the public power utility’s electric transmission system structures with drones over the next six weeks, it said on June 24.

This is part of MLGW’s Roadmap to Reliability plan to assess and improve utility infrastructure.

PLP has over 70 years of industry experience. They provide drone inspection services for transmission and distribution power lines, substations, and generation facilities.

“The inspections will yield knowledge needed to analyze and assess the condition of our utility assets, including conductors, insulators, hardware, poles, towers, and rights-of-way,” the utility said.

MLGW is coordinating with the Federal Aviation Administration on airspace permissions to determine the best places to conduct inspections each day, and schedules are subject to change.


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