Powering Strong Communities

Michigan State Lawmakers Introduced Legislation to Spur Storage, Solar Installations

Michigan State Reps. Jenn Hill and Donavan McKinney have introduced a two-bill package to help state residents, especially low-income residents, install battery storage systems and solar power systems at their homes and businesses.

The bills “would encourage widespread adoption of these technologies as a means of bolstering grid resilience, reducing power plant pollution and lowering energy costs,” a June 22 news release said.

Hill’s bill, H.B. 4839, would require the Michigan Public Service Commission to develop a system of rules to enable customer solar and battery storage systems to support the grid, providing benefits similar to power plants, such as load reduction, demand response and voltage support.

McKinney’s bill, H.B. 4840, would establish a rebate to customers of $500 per kilowatt for a new solar system and $300 per kilowatt-hour for a new battery storage system, which would be doubled for low- and middle-income customers.