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LADWP Launches Programs to Help Customers Manage Power, Water Use

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power recently launched two new programs designed to help residential customers better understand and manage their home electricity and water use.

My Water Insights was first piloted in 2015 to a small group of residential customers and is now available to all single-family residential customers free of charge.

Through bi-monthly home water reports and an online portal, customers can become more familiar with their water use, learn about money-saving rebates available, and receive a personalized plan based on their household characteristics and water use trends. Enrollment in the program is automatic with the ability to opt-out from receiving the reports.

The online portal makes it easier for customers to optimize their home water use by being able to view their current and historic water use, set up leak alerts, get personalized water-saving recommendations and rebate information, link to the bill payment site; and more.

Customers will receive a bi-monthly home water report where their water usage is compared to similar household groups. In each home water report, customers learn if their water use was Efficient, Average, or Above Average for the previous billing period. They also receive a WaterScore ranking on their overall water efficiency.

The Energy Advisor Tool details a customer’s at-home energy habits and provides a comprehensive report of methods they can employ to reduce their energy consumption. The tool offers a home energy calculator, bill analysis, energy forecasting, rebate recommendations and savings tips.

Customers answer short household energy questions such as the size of the home, thermostat settings, cooling and heating units, appliances, and other household details to assess energy habits and generate customized recommendations to help them conserve energy and save on their bill.

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