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Kansas Municipal Energy Agency Helps City Expand Substation

The Kansas Municipal Energy Agency is helping the City of Lindsborg, Kansas, to expand the city’s existing substation with the addition of the second transformer. 

KMEA reported the news in its most recent Utility Connection newsletter.

In 2022 the City of Lindsborg’s city council authorized the purchase of the current transformer at the substation from Evergy and add a new 10 MVA transformer.   

The goal for this project was to control redundancy and reliability for the city as the current transformer ages, KMEA noted.

“A key factor in the decision to purchase the old transformer was the peak load on the old transformer was reaching the limit of their 7/10 MVA transformer which serves the city,” KMEA said in the newsletter.

The 10 MVA transformer was installed at the substation on August 18 with operation date expected later this fall. 

By adding the second transformer, the city will have the ability to split the load between the two transformers, KMEA noted. It will also allow for maintenance on either transformer without having to take an outage or bring in temporary substations or generation.


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