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Imperial Irrigation District’s Board Moves to Expand Financial Assistance for Customers

The Board of Directors for California public power utility Imperial Irrigation District on September 19 acted to significantly expand financial assistance to more customers through IID’s Residential Energy Assistance Program.

The board action lowers the minimum age requirement for a 30 percent discount for income-qualified customers' electric bills from age 62 to age 60. Additionally, qualified customers under age 60 can receive a 20 percent discount on their electric bill through the same program.

 IID also offers up to $400 a year in financial assistance for those REAP customers who face disconnection through the district’s Emergency Energy Assistance Program.

IID also provides a reduced electric rate for REAP customers who need electricity to operate medical equipment through its Medical Equipment Assistance Program.

Currently, IID has about 12,000 of its 160,000 metered accounts enrolled in REAP. This assistance program alone, as of early September, had $3.1 million in available funds.

There are also $1.4 million available for the EEAP program and $62,000 in available Medical Equipment Assistance Program funding.

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