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Guam Power Authority Continues Power Restoration Process Post-Typhoon

Guam Power Authority on May 29 said that it continues its power restoration process and has made progress in its post-typhoon recovery.

Guam was hit by Typhoon Mawar on May 24. Typhoon Mawar hit Guam as a Category 4 equivalent with 140 mile per hour winds.

GPU crews are divided into sectors to systematically address grid repairs. Repairs to transmission lines are being completed allowing crews to repair distribution lines that feed power directly into homes and businesses. “As we get closer to completing more substation restoration, our feeders/circuits energized percentages will increase resulting in substantially more customers’ power service restored,” GPU said in a May 29 update.

GPA crews have continued to work through the night with overlapping shifts to continue recovery efforts and energize as many feeders/circuits for each village around the island.

President Biden granted a major disaster declaration for Guam on Thursday, which unlocks additional FEMA funding to help the territory respond to and recover from Typhoon Mawar. The disaster declaration allows for federal funding to be available for emergency protective measures to help eliminate threats to public health and safety.

More than 400 FEMA personnel are supporting response activities in the Pacific, with more than 160 in Guam. Voluntary organizations, along with local and territory officials, are conducting feeding operations in both Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. 

FEMA is also coordinating with its network of voluntary organizations active in disasters to provide support and humanitarian aid.