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Florida’s JEA Releases Integrated Resource Plan

Florida public power utility JEA recently released its integrated resource plan and is making it available for the public to view in advance of a community forum on May 25 to discuss the IRP.

“The IRP report is the product of more than 20 months of discussions between JEA leaders and a diverse set of community stakeholders, working together to guide JEA’s electric system investments for the next three decades,” JEA said.

JEA’s plan is designed to meet the annual peak electric energy demand of JEA customers through a combination of existing supply resources, increased renewable energy and additional conservation measures.

“Throughout this planning process, we have kept in mind the need to balance reliability, affordability and sustainability to serve our customers,” JEA Managing Director & CEO Jay Stowe said. “And now we look forward to inviting the entire community to be part of the discussion.”


JEA’s board of directors recently approved goals for 2030, including:

  • 35 percent clean energy as part of its power supply portfolio.
  • Retiring less efficient generating assets.
  • Using 100 percent clean energy to serve JEA facilities. 
  • Increasing energy efficiency programs to offset growing demands from the ongoing electrification of homes, businesses and vehicles. 

By 2030, these goals will result in an 80 percent reduction in JEA’s overall carbon emissions since 2005, JEA said.