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Fee Structure Set for EV Charging Stations Owned by Edmond, Okla.

Effective April 1, a fee structure for use of the 11 City of Edmond, Oklahoma-owned electric vehicle charging stations will go into effect.

Approved by the Edmond City Council during its Feb. 12 meeting, EVs utilizing one of the city-owned charging stations will be charged per kilowatt hour.

At the ten city-owned Level 2 charging stations, users will be charged 25 cents per kilowatt hour, and at the city’s lone Level 3 charging station, users will be charged 35 cents per kilowatt hour, including both the 32 cent per kilowatt hour charge for use of the station and a 3 cent per kilowatt hour fee charged by the state of Oklahoma for Level 3 stations.

Currently, there is no charge for use of the stations. The new fee structure will cover operations and maintenance of the stations and be reviewed annually as part of city’s budget process. Recommendations for changes would require City Council approval.

In 2017, the city partnered with the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments for a grant program to install a charging station at a Hilton Garden Inn. Since then, using the grant funding, more stations have been added.

At that time, the City Council voted to install the stations but not assess a fee for use to help support the transition to more EVs and highlight the stations available.

Edmond Electric and the city will continue working with the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments for additional grants to expand available chargers.

Possible sites for future city-owned charging stations include a new City Center complex and YMCA/library sites, as well as other city facilities and possible public/private partnerships. 

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