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ERCOT Provides New Look at Battery Storage Production on the Grid

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas on Dec. 8 announced a new Energy Storage Resources dashboard and Integration Report that provides a view of charging and discharging battery production on the grid.

The dashboard displays previous and current day real-time battery storage discharging, charging, and net output information within the ERCOT system.

The new daily ESR Integration Report includes aggregated installed capacity, percentage of contribution to total system load, and statistics on production during peak load for the ERCOT system.

The ESR dashboard is accessible from the Grid and Market Conditions page, and the ESR Integration Report is located here. Read the Market Notice for more information.

In addition to the ESR dashboard, ERCOT plans to add a new Outages dashboard showing planned and forced real-time generation outages to its current suite of dashboards in mid-December.

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