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EPRI Updates Interactive EV Planning Tool to Identify Grid Capacity Availability

The Electric Power Research Institute on June 4 announced an expansion of its eRoadMAP™ providing load hosting capacity, or power capacity, for 10 large utilities in five states, with plans to expand nationwide.

This information can help fleet operators, logistics providers, and charging site developers identify available capacity that is more likely to accommodate electric vehicle charging sites.

EPRI’s eRoadMAP™, which launched in November 2023, is a resource intended to help industry stakeholders effectively plan for the energy and infrastructure needed to serve light-, medium-, and heavy-duty EVs and explore how quickly EVs are expected in different regions.

The tool can help fleet operators, logistics providers, charging service providers, and other stakeholders prioritize electrification projects based on where power capacity is available as timelines may be shorter to launch charging stations at these locations.

The power capacity information includes data from 10 utilities in California and the northeast region:

  • California: Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • Massachusetts: National Grid
  • New York: National Grid, Con Edison, Orange & Rockland Electric Company, Central Hudson Gas & Electric, New York State Electric & Gas, and Rochester Gas and Electric
  • New Jersey: Orange & Rockland Electric Company
  • Rhode Island: Rhode Island Energy

EPRI aims to further expand the data nationwide. In cases where hosting capacity maps are not available, EPRI will secure substation-level location, capacity, and distribution voltage information from the utility.

Simultaneously, EPRI is integrating utility service territory maps representing all 3,200 utilities in the U.S. into its eRoadMAP™ for improved identification and reference.

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