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Energy New England unveils partnership to deliver online energy assessments

Energy New England (ENE) will provide online energy audits and an integrated marketplace to member utilities, using the MyEnergyXpert platform developed by Canadian SaaS company EnergyX Solutions, ENE said on June 11.

ENE works with numerous Municipal Light Plants (MLPs) in New England to deliver energy efficiency, state sponsored grants and electrification programs for all their customers.

Residential services include home energy assessments, electric vehicle (EV) programs, rebate and incentive programs as well as the MLP solar rebate program in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER).

Online energy assessments are a well-suited addition to this suite of services, providing customers with another option to become informed about making energy saving decisions and investments for their home, ENE noted.

“We see many of our MLP members expanding their program offerings and ENE is committed to providing them with the best platforms to support their customers.” said Kristin Dupre, ENE Director of Demand Side Management. “Six of our member utilities have signed on to launch MyEnergyXpert, and we're looking forward to supporting additional members with this tool going forward.”

This program comes on the heels of ENE offering virtual audits to customers of the MLPs members after the COVID-19 pandemic prevented in-home energy audits from being performed at this time.

EnergyX Solutions’ AI-powered technology determines how a building is using energy and identifies ways it can improve its overall performance. The outcome is less energy consumption, fewer carbon emissions and cost savings for homeowners, ENE said. “When paired with the integrated marketplace, this tool optimizes the customer journey and generates industry-leading conversion rates,” ENE added.

MyEnergyXpert will be available through select ENE member utilities starting this summer, with the expectation of adding additional utilities throughout the Fall.

ENE acquires Utility Services

Meanwhile, on June 1, ENE announced that it has acquired Utility Services Inc. (USI), a leading international services organization assisting energy companies with electric regulatory, reliability, and security standard obligations.

USI will continue to operate from its Waterbury, Vt., headquarters as a wholly-owned of ENE, with USI President Brian Evans-Mongeon reporting directly to ENE President and CEO John Tzimorangas.

USI and ENE have been working closely as strategic partners since mid-2017, laying the groundwork for USI’s now joining ENE as an affiliate, ENE noted.

“By joining together, ENE and USI can offer our customers a full, coordinated spectrum of energy services and capabilities with the superior customer service and intense attention to detail both of our companies are known for,’’ Tzimorangas said.

“USI’s formally joining the ENE family allows us to become a one-stop provider of an even broader set of expert solutions for both public power utilities and private-sector energy providers and purchasers.”

USI has served more than 240 electric transmission and distribution companies and owners of more than 25,000 megawatts of installed electric generating capacity across North America in all aspects of their Electric Reliability Organization activities and requirements through the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and its six regional entities.

ENE manages power supplies for more than 20 municipal electric systems that collectively serve more than 1,200 MW of load and own more than 550 MW of generation capacity. ENE also advises on and/or conducts more than 1 billion kWh of wholesale power transactions and 100 million kWh of retail transactions annually, as well as managing daily delivery of up to 250,000 therms of natural gas and 5,000 barrels of fuel oil for its customers.

USI provides regulatory and support services within the ERO enterprise, including: audit preparation, entity registration, program development, support for the controls monitoring and enforcement program, cybersecurity preparation and assessments, and related services.

USI also participates closely in NERC and Regional policymaking and operational activities including registration, standards development, reporting, and notifications and maintains official memberships in NERC, the Northeast Power Coordinating Council, ReliabilityFirst Corporation, Midwest Reliability Organization and the Western Electricity Coordination Council.

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