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Energy Company Purchases Mobile Transformer From Hitachi Energy

Avangrid has acquired a state-of-the-art mobile transformer that can be quickly deployed “and enables the company to resolve outages in the event of a damaged transformer in a couple months compared to the two-year lead time for a replacement transformer,” it said on May 21.

The new 168 megavolt-ampere mobile transformer, custom-made for Avangrid and purchased from Hitachi Energy, can be deployed and installed within a couple months to any of Avangrid’s onshore wind and solar facilities due to the transformer’s multi-voltage capabilities, Avangrid said.

“The transformer’s unique technology also allows for a low profile and the ability to withstand higher-than-normal transport accelerations - perfect for quick transport to its needed location. This will bring energy production back online while replacement equipment is procured,” it said.

Consisting of three modules, the transformer will be hauled on trailers with semi-trucks to the site.

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