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DOE Seeks Participation in Cloud Services Cybersecurity Working Group

The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response is seeking participation in a Cloud Services Cybersecurity working group to provide cloud cybersecurity guidance for the energy sector.

CESER is hoping this will be a collaborative process between energy sector asset owners and representatives from the major cloud service providers to identify cybersecurity needs and requirements for a cloud environment in the energy sector. 

CESER is seeking participation from energy companies that:

  • Have energy systems that are transitioning to or considering cloud-based environments;
  • Have distributed or cloud-based security solutions and managed security services that may depend on the cloud; or
  • Would find value in learning from others and sharing the industry-level insights that can help both utilities and cloud service providers make better cloud services agreements. 

CESER expects this to be an approximately nine-month effort that will officially begin in late September. 

Interested APPA members are encouraged to reach out to Adrian McNamara ([email protected]) by September 18.