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Combined Cycle, 1,875-MW Plant in Ohio Begins Commercial Operation

A combined cycle, 1,875-megawatt power plant in Southeastern Ohio recently began commercial operation.

Caithness Energy’s Guernsey Power Station is located in the heart of the state’s Utica and Marcellus shale gas development area.

The plant uses combined-cycle technology consisting of both natural gas-powered turbines and steam powered turbines.

The combined-cycle configuration captures the excess heat generated by the gas turbines and, rather than releasing that heat into the air, uses the excess heat to make steam to power the steam turbines, while generating significantly more electricity – up to 50 percent more – from the same amount of fuel as a simple cycle plant.

General Electric will service the facility under a multi-year services agreement for 20 years and provide cloud-based predictive analytics through GE Digital’s Asset Performance Management reliability software, which will help predict potential asset failures and reduce unplanned downtime, while improving power plant productivity and reliability.