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Coalition to Hold Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Action Day on Capitol Hill

The National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition next week will hold its Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Action Day fly-in event that connects advocates from across the country with policymakers on Capitol Hill to communicate the importance of the LIHEAP program.

The multi-day event provides advocacy training, policy discussion, networking, and meeting scheduling.

LIHEAP is a state-administered federal program that helps to protect eligible families by maintaining access to life-critical energy through winter and summer energy utility bill assistance and weatherization assistance.

APPA is a long-time supporter of LIHEAP, including by serving as an ex officio board member of the National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition.

Additional information about the Action Day is available on the coalition’s website.

In an upcoming episode of APPA’s Public Power Now podcast, Kim Rikalo and Star Walker, who work for California public power utility SMUD, provide additional details on LIHEAP Action Day and explain why it’s important for public power utilities to participate in events such as this.

Rikalo is SMUD’s Manager for Residential and Assistance Delivery, while Walker is SMUD’s Segment Delivery Supervisor for Assistance Delivery.

The Public Power Now podcast will be posted on Monday, Feb. 5 on APPA’s website.

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