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CleanPowerSF’s Solar Inverter Replacement Program Recognized by CCA Group

CleanPowerSF’s Solar Inverter Replacement Program was recently recognized by the California Community Choice Association as one of nine outstanding member programs.

CleanPowerSF is the community choice energy program of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

While solar technology has matured and improved greatly since 2008, a critical piece of solar infrastructure known as the “inverter” has been prone to needing repair or replacement long before the expected 25 to 30+ year life of the solar panels themselves, CleanPowerSF noted. However, the high cost to replace an inverter presents barriers for many rooftop solar owners with low-incomes.

To address this cost-barrier, the SFPUC launched a Solar Inverter Replacement program as part of GoSolarSF, a program that provides financial incentives to help residents and businesses install solar panels on rooftops across San Francisco. 

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and CleanPowerSF are offering free inspection, repair, and replacement of solar inverters to its eligible CARE and FERA customers through the Solar Inverter Replacement Program.

Additional details about the program are available on the CleanPowerSF website.

The California Community Choice Association’s awards honor the innovative initiatives of Community Choice Aggregators across California that are driving decarbonization, promoting equity, furthering outreach, and enhancing energy reliability.

The following is a summary of the award winners for each category:

Decarbonization (Decarb) Category

MCE – Sync Program

Peninsula Clean Energy – EV Ready Program

Silicon Valley Clean Energy – Decarbonization Demonstration Grants

Equity Category

CleanPowerSF – Solar Inverter Replacement Program

MCE – Home Energy Savings Program

Marketing & Outreach Category

San José Clean Energy – EV Education & Outreach Campaign

Sonoma Clean Power – GridSavvy Awards Alerts Campaign

Reliability Category

Ava Community Energy – Resilient Municipal Critical Facilities Program

MCE – Energy Storage Program

For more information on CalCCA's 2024 Community Impact Awards: https://cal-cca.org/community-impact-awards/.