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Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District Board OKs Transformer Purchase

The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District board of directors approved the purchase of a new transformer for the Jeffrey hydro plant during its July board meeting.

The approved bid was awarded to OTC Services of Louisville, Ohio, for the price of $1,463,528. 

The 69-kV transformer is a replacement for the current Jeffrey Transformer 3 that was installed around 1950.  Currently the subtransmission transformer operates at 34.5kV.

Dawson Public Power District (DPPD) will be upgrading their system to operate at 69-kV which connects to this transformer and provides electrical service to many Dawson PPD customers in the area. 

Hydroelectric Operations Supervisor Anton Hassebrook discussed additional work that will be required to put the new transformer into service, including underground power cables and conduit from the powerplant as well as a new foundation and structure for the transformer and high voltage lines.

Jeffrey Hydroplant was not designed in the 1930s with a hydraulic (water) bypass and having two different paths to transmit power should one of those paths be unavailable since no water could bypass the hydroplant without it. 

Hassebrook reminded the board that 100% of Central’s irrigation water passes through the Jeffrey Hydroplant, so having that plant down would keep water from reaching the irrigation area for customers during the irrigation season. 

Once the agreement is signed, pending legal review, it is anticipated the new transformer would be delivered for installation around Fall 2026. 

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