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California CCA Peninsula Clean Energy to Receive 220 MW From New Mexico Wind Project

California community choice aggregator Peninsula Clean Energy will receive 220 megawatts of wind power as part of the largest renewable energy procurement project contract the CCA has signed to date, it said on Sept. 28. 

Peninsula Clean Energy will begin receiving power for 15 years in 2026 from Pattern Energy’s SunZia Wind project in New Mexico.

The 220 MW of renewable energy will supply 13 percent of the agency’s total annual electricity demand.

Peninsula Clean Energy is the first CCA to sign a contract to receive power from the SunZia Wind project, which in total will generate up to 3,515 MW of nameplate wind power serving the western United States grid.

“As the agency’s first out-of-state renewable project contract, SunZia will provide both geographic and seasonal diversity to Peninsula Clean Energy’s electricity generation as the agency makes headway toward its 24/7 renewable power goal,” the CCA said.

That includes providing higher wind generation during the winter months, when solar energy generated in California is at its lowest during the year.