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Burlington Electric Department Joins VPPSA as a Strategic Member

The Vermont Public Power Supply Authority on Jan. 9 announced that Burlington Electric Department has joined VPPSA as a strategic member.

Membership in VPPSA is open to all municipalities in Vermont engaged in the manufacture, distribution, purchase or sale of electricity, as authorized by VPPSA’s Board of Directors.

Strategic membership is available to Vermont municipalities that otherwise would qualify for full membership but may also have in-house capacity to provide services that offer substantial ongoing benefit to VPPSA as a whole.

VPPSA said it “looks forward to strengthening its collaboration with BED and other member utilities to advance the goals of local energy democracy and community-owned electric utilities in Vermont.”

As a strategic member, BED can access VPPSA’s resources and expertise in areas such as power supply, public affairs, finances, and communications, as well as staff sharing for various projects or initiatives.

Through its strategic membership, BED has the right to appoint a non-voting representative and alternate to VPPSA’s Board of Directors and BED is invited to participate in VPPSA-sponsored projects including but not limited to financing, the state’s Renewable Energy Standard, and efficiency efforts.

“BED is excited to join VPPSA as a strategic member and to work with our fellow public power utilities on the common challenges and opportunities we face in the electric industry,” said BED General Manager Darren Springer. “We look forward to continuing to work with VPPSA as an important partner and leverage our joint capabilities and experience in ways that are mutually beneficial for both BED and VPPSA, while supporting Burlington’s net zero energy vision.”

“We are thrilled to welcome BED as a strategic member of VPPSA and to expand our partnership with them,” said VPPSA General Manager Ken Nolan. “Together, we can achieve greater economies of scale and operational efficiencies, as well as advocate for the interests of public power in Vermont and beyond.”