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Belmont Light Lineworkers Visit School to Discuss Electrical Safety

Lineworkers from Massachusetts public power utility Belmont Light recently visited the Belmont Cooperative Nursery School, where they talked about what a lineworker does, how electricity gets to their homes, and how to be safe around electricity. 

The lineworkers visiting the school were Nick Kacoyanis and Dan Rapaglia.  Both are First Class Lineworkers. 

photo courtesy of Belmont Light (pictured is Nick Kacoyanis in the blue shirt. Rapaglia is in the red shirt)

The children got to see the inside of a bucket and got a chance to try on work gloves and use a hot stick to open and close a fuse. “For their hard work, they all earned a Belmont Light bucket hat. The kids were great and had a ton of questions for Nick and Dan,” said Aidan Leary, Communications Coordinator for the utility.

Belmont Light staff and lineworkers have visited third grade classrooms in the past as a tie-in to when Belmont students begin to learn about energy, but this was a special occasion, Leary noted. 

The daughter of Kacoyanis attends the school. “Nick was a parent volunteer in her classroom this day and Fiona was proud to show her classmates what her dad does for work,” Leary said.