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Argonne Lab Partners With J.D. Power to Collect Data on Electric Vehicle Charging

The Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory is partnering with J.D. Power to inform the development of more accessible and reliable charging networks and drive the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

“Combined with Argonne’s technical data and analysis, J.D. Power’s data on EV-related consumer behavior will help Argonne and DOE advance the understanding of the current EV user and charging landscape,” Claus Daniel, associate laboratory director for advanced energy technologies at Argonne, said in a statement. “This understanding will support decision-making that moves the nation closer to its clean transportation and climate goals.”

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to rise, researchers and policymakers face the critical task of understanding consumer preferences, barriers to adoption, and charging experiences, Argonne said, adding that the aim of the partnership is to help inform the development of a convenient and reliable national charging network that, ultimately, will help bolster the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

In the partnership, analytics and consumer advisory firm J.D. Power will share its EV IndexSM to provide Argonne researchers with new data sets offering insights into the rapidly growing electric vehicle market, as well as a deeper understanding of consumers’ electric vehicle charging experience.

The effort to collect the new data sets is being funded by the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation and the Vehicle Technologies Office, and will include detailed information on electric vehicle driver quantities; patterns of electric vehicle adoption; and the preferences, usage patterns and challenges of electric vehicle charging infrastructure users.


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