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Public power utilities bring many benefits to their communities. At times, communities served by other types of utilities may explore what it would take to municipalize or form a public power utility. Communities already served by public power may occasionally have to defend against privatization or takeover attempts. The American Public Power Association offers resources to help establish or preserve public power.

Our Survey of State Municipalization Laws examines and summarizes each of the 50 state’s laws on the issues of whether municipalities have the legal authority to acquire, own and operate an electric utility. Where a municipality acquires the facilities of an incumbent utility, the guide lays out the laws that determine the price.

The Value of Public Power issue of Public Power Magazine highlights case studies in municipalization, sellout prevention, and valuing your utility.

Public Power for Your Community is a comprehensive guide that outlines the steps to form a new public power utility. This guide also discusses how other types of utilities may respond to attempts to create a new public power utility. It addresses common myths, misinformation, and false charges that may come up in explorations to form or privatize a public power utility. Download the complete guide or click below for excerpts.

Get some key facts and stats about public power. Download infographics, videos, and other materials you can use to educate stakeholders about the benefits of public power.

Association members can download the guidebook, Positioning Your Community to Succeed in Sellout Evaluation.

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