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DSTAR Consortium

Distribution Systems Testing, Application, and Research (DSTAR) was a consortium of electric distribution utilities and utility organizations that collaboratively sponsored near-term, pragmatic distribution research and development.

Similar to the DEED program, DSTAR leveraged funding for innovative electric industry research and development in a competitive utility environment. DSTAR bundled multiple research projects into “programs” that typically lasted about 1.5 -2 years. All research activities were envisioned and directed by DSTAR member utilities. Research typically included equipment testing and product evaluation, niche software for standards and engineering support, and whitepapers and reports on pressing industry issues.

Between 2010 and 2022, DEED was a part of the DSTAR consortium and obtained access to many DSTAR research products. These research products are now available to DEED members via the DEED Project Library.

Key Personnel

Paul Jakubczak, Director of Enterprise Services for the city of Gastonia, N.C., is DEED’s representative to the DSTAR Advisory Committee.

William Jabour, Senior Product Marketing Manager, GE Power is the GE point of contact for this project.

DSTAR Research Available to DEED Members

Program 17 Projects

View program 17 project descriptions here.

Program 16 Projects

View program 16 project descriptions here.

Program 15 Projects

View program 15 project descriptions here.

Program 14 Projects

View program 14 project descriptions here.

Program 13 Projects

View program 13 project descriptions here.

Earlier Projects

DEED gained access to several works of research completed prior to its joining the consortium in 2010.