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Accounting & Finance
Discuss general accounting, finance, auditing, budgeting, and compliance with utility accounting standards.

Costs to Prices
Discuss costing, pricing, and market analysis.

Get updates and share resources related to COVID-19.

Customer Services
Discuss service technologies and processes for residential, commercial and industrial consumers.

Learn about and share information related to APPA's grant and scholarship program.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Discuss needs and opportunities to effectively address diversity, equity and inclusion within public power.

Discuss drone use and regulations.

Energy Services
Discuss energy efficiency and load management programs, integrated resource planning, and energy products and services.

Generation and Fuels
Provides a forum for exchanging information regarding utility generation facilities and fuels.  Discussions can include topics involving environmental compliance, site permitting, and renewable and distributed generation issues. 

Provides a forum for exchanging information, ideas, and viewpoints on environmental related matters, particularly in the area of regulatory developments and compliance requirements.  Other discussion points include, but are not limited to, renewable and distributed generation, energy storage, energy efficiency as it relates to environmental compliance.

Human Resources
Discuss labor relations, compensation and benefits, training, and other HR policies and practices.

Information Technology
Discuss IT issues — enterprise-wide strategic planning, equipment, and data and information processing.

Key Accounts/Economic Development
Discuss commercial and industrial customer relationships, and economic development issues.

Discuss legal issues with utility in-house and outside counsel.

Mutual Aid
Discuss disaster preparedness and get help in handling emergencies and outages.

Public Communications
Discuss public and employee communications, public education, media relations, and marketing.

Public Power Forward
Discuss how to prepare for industry changes and address strategic planning, grid modernization, enhanced services, distributed energy resources, new business partnerships, and rate design.

Risk Management
Discuss risk retention, risk transfer, loss control, claims management, and insurance options.

Discuss safety policies and practices and the public power Safety Manual, OSHA, NESC and NEC topics.

Supply Chain Management
Discuss issues related to the supply chain, including challenges and needs, opportunities, policies and practices.

Transmission and Distribution
Discuss construction, operation and maintenance of utility transmission and distribution equipment.

Utility Governance
Discuss governance policies, role of the governing board, ethics, and strategic planning.

Updates on Key Issues

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Commodity Futures Trading Commission Dodd-Frank activities and the purchase and sale of commodity derivatives.

Endangered Species Act
Legislative and administrative updates to the ESA that protect animal and plant populations as well as responsible land, water and resource management, and as the ESA affects utility operations.

Environmental regulations and compliance requirements.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission proposed rules, comments, orders, and court cases.

Government Relations Working Group
Issues and developments in Congress and on legislative issues.

Operational and legislative proposals regarding hydropower. Highlights the importance of emissions-free, renewable, low-cost, reliable hydropower.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
The latest news on funding available through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (see also Federal Infrastructure Law: Opportunities for Public Power).

Markets (RTO)
Wholesale electricity market developments and regulations.

North American Electric Reliability Corporation and North American Energy Standards Board activities and standards.

Inform and engage with our members with nuclear interests on legislative and regulatory issues. From loan guarantees to safety issues in a post-Fukushima time to providing a comparable incentive to the production tax credit available to investor-owned utilities.

Power Marketing Administrations
Inform and engage our members who are interested in specific issues facing the four federal Power Marketing Administrations (BPA, SEPA, SWPA, WAPA) that market federal hydropower.

Rail Customer Group
Updates regarding the shipment of coal and other goods by rail.

Updates from federal agencies and other organizations on physical and cybersecurity issues for utilities and the grid.

Legislative and regulatory updates impacting public power’s provision and use of communications services.

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