Powering Strong Communities

Central Service Association

Central Service Association (CSA) was established in 1938 to serve the utility industry.  Today, CSA and its subsidiary, Professional Computer Solutions, LLC (PCS), are committed to serve utilities with a broad range of information technologies and other services.  Billing, financial, work management, meter data management, engineering/GIS, employee benefits and much more is available from companies dedicated to one thing, serving the utility so it can serve its customers.

Together, CSA and PCS’s excellent customer support personnel know and understand the utility environment and how that encompasses the utility’s support needs. CSA and PCS serve a combined 160+ utilities in 29 states, plus the island of Bermuda, with very little territory overlap. Apart from each company’s individual suite of customer, financial, work management, MDM, and other solutions, specific utility IT resources from each are being made available to the other’s customers to help fill specific needs, along with employee benefits plans. CSA and PCS continue to operate from their respective headquarters, maintaining current or increased staffing and service levels as they build for the future. Combining their resources, CSA and PCS are expanding their product offerings and service areas, opening markets and technologies for both companies and providing some economies of scale to make each company stronger and better able to serve its customers.