Electric Vehicles

Getting Involved in Fleet Electrification

In the coming decades, all types of vehicles might make the switch to electric – from car sharing services to delivery trucks and school buses. Behind these decisions are fleet operators who are increasingly exploring and committing to vehicle electrification, ranging from light to heavy-duty vehicles. This report outlines the various considerations and opportunities for fleet electrification, such as costs and incentives, charging infrastructure, and operations and maintenance. By understanding this market, individuals at public power utilities, state/regional associations, and joint action agencies can make informed decisions as they consider electrifying their fleet and assist other fleet operators as they transition to EVs.

The report covers:

  • Motivations for electrification (such as policies, operational costs, and public health)
  • Considerations for fleet electrification (such as cost, charging infrastructure, routes, and vehicle options)
  • Potential roles for public power
  • Case studies from public power
  • Trends and examples of fleet electrification

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