Previous Kramer-Preston Award Recipients

This award recognizes service to the American Public Power Association through substantial contributions toward Association goals.

Alberts, Ken
Utilities Department
Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1992

Allen, Paul H.
Nashville Electric Service
Nashville, Tennessee, 2012

Andersen, J.W.
Power and Water Department
Muscatine, Iowa, 1966

Batchelor, William H.
City of Rocky Mount
North Carolina, 1994

Beasley, Jon
Supervisor, Training & Safety
MEAG Power
Atlanta, Georgia, 2006

Benforado, David J.
Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, 2009

Berryman, Jerome
Board of Public Works
Poplar Bluff, Missouri, 1967

Billington, Ken
Washington Public Utility Districts' Association
Seattle, Washington, 1967

Boatright, Andrew M.
Westerville Electric Division
Westerville, Ohio, 2010

Bowers, J. Wiley
Tennessee Valley Public Power Association
Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1967

Brediger, Jeffrey
City of Orrville Utilities
Orrville, Ohio, 2011

Browder, R. Michael
Electric System
Bristol, Tennessee, 1986

Brush, Earl F.
Board of Water and Light
Lansing, Michigan, 1982

Burgin, M.L.
Bloomington, Illinois, 1962

Butts, John T.
Electric Plant Board
Franklin, Kentucky, 1964

Carpenter, Clyde O.
Utilities Board
Knoxville, Tennessee, 1959

Carraway, Marvin
Public Utilities
Clarksdale, Mississippi, 1997

Carroll, Austin B.
Hopkinsville Electric System
Hopkinsville, Kentucky, 2012

Cirrincione, Jane
Northern California Power Agency
Roseville, California, 2018

Claussen, Robert W.
Alabama Municipal Electric Authority
Montgomery, Alabama, 2001

Claussen, Vera Edinger
Washington Public Utility Districts' Association
Seattle, Washington, 1975

Crissman, Randy
New York Power Authority
White Plains, New York, 2015

Coombes, Ted
Southwestern Power Resources Association, 2014

Corkran, William H., Jr.
Utilities Commission
Easton, Maryland, 1978

Cunningham, Mac H.
Florida Municipal Utilities Association
Lakeland, Florida, 1968

Curtis, Henry
Northwest Public Power Association
Vancouver, Washington, 1977

Curtis, Michael A.
Arizona Municipal Power Users' Association
Phoenix, Arizona, 1993

Daggett, E. Leon
City of Hamilton, Ohio, 1992

Davis, Mel
Lawrenceburg Municipal Utilities
Lawrenceburg, Ind. 2007

Dawson, R. Harry
Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority
Edmund, Oklahoma, 1996

De Melto, Vincent M.
City of Cleveland, Ohio, 1963

Dietrich, Norman E.
Utilities Department
Austin, Minnesota, 1979

Draper, Leona M.
Indiana Municipal Electric Association
Noblesville, Indiana, 2008

Duvall, Ralph J.
Board of Public Utilities
Kansas City, Kansas, 1966

Earl, Ronald D.
Illinois Municipal Electric Agency
Springfield, Illinois, 2003

Eby, Henry
Lower Colorado River Authority
Austin, Texas, 2005  

Feldt, Jeff
Kaukauna Utilities
Kaukauna, Wisconsin, 2011

Fontes, Roger
Florida Municipal Power Agency
Orlando, Florida, 2008

Fraley, David M.
City Utilities
Springfield, Missouri, 2012

Gallagher, William
Vermont Public Power Supply Authority
Waterbury Center, Vermont, 2004

Galloway, Duane
City Utilities
Springfield, Missouri, 1996

Gent, Chris M.
Kissimmee Utility Authority
Kissimmee, Florida, 2018

Gerken, Marc S.
American Municipal Power-Ohio
Columbus, Ohio, 2005

G'Fellers, Homer D.
Johnson City Power Board
Johnson City, Tennessee, 2011

Thomas P. Graves
Mid-West Electric Consumers Association, 2014

Green, Malcolm A.
Greenville Uitilities Commission
Greenville, North Carolina, 2000

Hanson, Jr., Gilbert E.
Kansas Municipal Energy Agency
Mission, Kansas, 1995

Hargis, Charles C.
Utilities System
Lafayette, Louisiana, 1969

Haug, Robert
Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities
Ankeny, Iowa, 2000

Hooper, W.E.
City Power, Water and Gas Department
Sheffield, Alabama, 1962

Howland, Don
Municipal Power and Light Department
Duncan, Oklahoma, 1981

Humphries, John
General Manager
Princeton Electric Plant Board
Princeton, Kentucky, 2006

Hyland, Patrick J.
Northeast Public Power Association Milford, Massachusetts, 2009

Johnston, Robert P.
MEAG Power
Atlanta, Georgia, 2016

Lacerte, Jr., Arthur J. (Grant) 
Kissimmee Utility Authority
Kissimmee, Florida, 2017

Leslie James
Colorado River Energy Distributors Association, 2014

Johnson, Allen
Bountiful City Light & Power
Bountiful, Utah, 2019

Johnson, Steve
Washington Public Utility Districts' Association
Seattle, Washington, 1999

Jordan, Oakley
Arizona Municipal Power Users' Association
Phoenix, Arizona, 1968

Kappelmann, Robert W.
Jacksonville, Florida, 2002

Kelly, Edd E.
Loup River Public Power District
Columbus, Nebraska, 1960

King, F.H.
Gas and Electric Department
Holyoke, Massachusetts, 1961

Koshire, Larry K.
Rochester Public Utilities

Rochester, Minnesota, 2005

Lynch, Bob
Irrigation and Electrical Districts Association of Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona, 2003

Maracas, Kate Brown
Salt River Project
Phoenix, Arizona, 1997

Mathews, Charles M.
Utilities Department
Greenwood, Mississippi, 1988

Mayo, Gayle
Indiana Municipal Power Agency

Carmel, Indiana, 2004

McDowell, Michael.
Southwestern Power Resources Association
Edmond, Oklahoma, 1986

McKinney, Brent
City Utilities of Springfield
Springfield, Missouri, 2013

McMullin, R.J.
Salt River Project
Phoenix, Arizona, 1966

McNeil, Carolyn S.
Intermountain Consumer Power Association
Salt Lake City, Utah, 1986

McTague, Janet
City of Fort Collins
City of Fort Collins, Colorado, 2015

Miller, H.D.
Electric Light Plant
Hagerstown, Maryland, 1959

Moline, Barry
Florida Municipal Electric Association, Inc.
Tallahassee, Florida, 2010

Moss, William C.
Tennessee Municiapl Electric Power Association
Brentwood, Tennessee, 2001

Nickelson, Lee E.
City Water, Light and Power
Springfield, Illinois, 1974

Nielsen, Reece D.
Intermountain Power Agency, Murray, Utah
and City Power Department, Hyrum, Utah, 1997

Norwood, Gus
Northwest Public Power Association
Vancouver, Washington, 1967

O'Connor, Tom W.
Oregon Municipal Electric Utilities Association,
Salem, Oregon, 2000

Olson, Frank L.
MEAG Power
Atlanta, Georgia, 1998

Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority
Edmond, Okla., 2007

Palmer, Michelle  
American Municipal Power
Columbus, Ohio, 2016 

Penn, David W.
Wisconsin Public Power, Inc. SYSTEM
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, 1990

Pofok, George S.
Cleveland Public Power
Cleveland, Ohio, 1996

Pray, C.E.
Board of Public Utilities
Kansas City, Kansas, 1959

Preston, J.B. (posthumous)
Loup River Public Power District
Columbus, Nebraska, 1967

Price, Robert
Municipal Utilities
Logansport, Indiana, 1969

Priest, Bob
Public Service Commission of Yazoo City
Yazoo City, Mississippi, 2003

Rao, Raj
Indiana Municipal Power Authority
Carmel, Indiana, 2002

Roberts, Alfred
Department of Water and Power
Los Angeles, California, 1976

Rule, Bart
Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities
Des Moines, Iowa, 1985

Rutledge, Virginia
Orlando Utilities Commission
Orlando, Florida, 1995

Schiebout, Harold
Sioux Center Municipal Utilities
Sioux Center, Iowa, 2010

Schowalter, E.P.
Board of Public Utilities
Kansas City, Kansas, 1967

Scully, Maurice R.
Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy Cooperative
Norwich, Connecticut, 1989

Skelton, Brian
Tullahoma Utilities Board
Tullahoma, Tennessee, 2015

Simonton, Fred G.
Mid-West Electric Consumers Association
Evergreen, Colorado, 1970

Spooner, Brad
MEAG Power
Georgia, 2013

St. John, Jr., H. Sewell
Riviera Utilities
Foley, Alabama, 2002

Steele, James S.
Jacksonville, Florida, 1991

Stroup, Louis, Jr.
Kansas Municipal Utilities
McPherson, Kansas, 1975, 1999

Stuart, Michael
Wisconsin Public Power Inc.
Sun Prairie, Wis., 2007

Taha, Shani N.
City Light
Seattle, Washington, 1991

Tejeda, Lynn
Keys Energy Services
Key West, Florida, 2013

Thompson, Jolene M.
Ohio Municipal Electric Association
Columbus, Ohio, 2003

Thurman, Faye M.
Tennessee Valley Public Power Association
Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1976

Tillman, Gilmore
Department of Water and Power
Los Angeles, California, 1971

Trumpfheller, Philip
Grand Haven Board of Light & Power

Grand Haven, Michigan, 2004

Usry, George
Utilities Board
Athens, Tennessee, 1987

Vanderlinden, H.S. "Spence'' (posthumous)
Municipal Utilities
Harlan, Iowa, 1983

Von Raesfeld, Donald R.
Municipal Electric Department
Santa Clara, California, 1980

Waite, Merlin
Municipal Utilities
Denison, Iowa, 1968

Walbridge, William
Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Tampa, Florida, 1984

Walters, David R.
Michigan Public Power Agency

Lansing, Michigan, 2009

Walters, John E.
Department of Public Works
Wallingford, Connecticut, 1964

Welsh, James C.
Kissimmee Utility Authority
Kissimmee, Florida, 2019

Watson, Larry
City Light, Water and Cable
Paragould, Arkansas, 2001

Mike Willetts 
 Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association
Plymouth, Minnesota, 2017

Woirol, Walter R.
Chelan County Public Utility District
Wenatchee, Washington, 1973

Woodbury, Norman E.
California Municipal Utilities Association
Sacramento, California, 1970

Zublay, Amy
Florida Municipal Electric Association
Tallahassee, Florida, 2018