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Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant to Use Funds to Launch Heat Pump and Zero-Interest Loan Program

Massachusetts public power utility Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant has received $1,000,000 from the state as part of the state’s $4 billion plan tied to the American Rescue Plan Act funding. The utility will use this funding to launch the TMLP Saves™ -- Heat Pump and Zero-Interest Loan Program.

This program offers rebates to eligible residential customers for weatherization -- if recommended -- and installation of Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps (ccASHP) or Ground Source Heat Pumps, the utility said in a Jan. 4 news release.

The TMLP Saves™ Heat Pump Program includes rebates on the installation of a ccASHP, whole home and partial home, or Ground Source Heat Pumps, with a Zero-Interest Loan through the TMLP Saves™ program for energy-saving improvements, up to $25,000 with terms up to 7 years.

If weatherization is recommended during the home energy audit, the rebate and incentive is 75% of weatherization and 100% air-sealing. Income Eligible Adders are available to qualified customers.

An Air Source Heat Pump transfers heat, rather than creating it which allows the system to deliver three times more energy than it consumes.

Air-Source Heat Pumps efficiently draw in air from the outside in order to cool or heat inside, depending on the season, instead of using fossil fuels (like oil and propane).

Cold Climate, Air Source Heat Pumps are able to produce more heat in lower temperatures than normal heat pumps, which makes this system ideal for New England weather.

Ground Source Heat Pumps use the earth’s natural heat to provide heating and cooling. This system is able to effectively operate in every season and even reaches high efficiencies on the coldest of winter nights at 300%-600%.

These cost-effective technologies will not only help save money on monthly utility bills, but also allows for you to become more energy efficient and decrease your carbon footprint, the utility said/

“The world is being introduced to all of these new innovative technologies which allows us to develop environmentally-sensitive practices. As a Not-for-Profit, Public Power Provider TMLP is thrilled to offer an inclusive program similar to Mass Save for all of our customers. This program allows easier access for the residents within our territory to obtain a cleaner and efficient way of living. We are very excited to see the change that the TMLP Saves™ program makes in the lives of the people within our communities,” said Kimberly Homes, General Manager of the Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant.

TMLP said the program will allow it to play a part in helping to meet its current state and federal goals in terms of carbon reduction and clean energy sources. This includes aligning with federal and state goals.

Along with this, TMLP said it understands the importance and urgency of working towards accomplishing these goals.

“Our policy directly aligns with these state and federal goals as our updated goal is to obtain 100% of our electric power from noncarbon emitting fuel sources by 2050, which we are progressively achieving as we get closer to that point in time,” it said.

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