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Tacoma Power Selects Company to Refurbish Hydro Turbine and Generator Units

GE Vernova’s hydro power business has been selected by Washington State public power utility Tacoma Power to refurbish two 27 MW/33 MVA turbine and generator units at the Cushman II hydropower plant, out of the three units installed at the site.

The scope of work includes the design, manufacturing, refurbishment, installation and commissioning of two new generator stators and refurbishment of generator rotor poles, shaft thrust bearing, as well as two new turbine distributors and refurbishment of turbine runner and draft tube. 

Located in Mason County, Washington State, the 81 MW Cushman II hydropower plant was commissioned in 1930.

The upgrade is expected to be completed in 2026. The refurbishment/upgrade of the units will help increase availability and reliability for the power plant and deliver more renewable energy to the grid for another 100 years, GE Vernova said.

“The upgrades we are doing to our Cushman hydro project will mean that we are able to continue providing clean, renewable hydroelectric power to meet the demand of the residents and businesses in our service area, even as demand grows with increasing electrification,” said Tony Daniels, Senior Engineering Project Manager at Tacoma Power. 

Additional information about GE Vernova is available here.

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