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Perseverance Pays Off for Cleveland Public Power’s First Female African American Lineworker

Ta’Jahnae Buchanan recently became the first female and first African American female to complete all requirements of the Cleveland Public Power lineworker apprentice program.

In a Q&A with Public Power Current, Buchanan said she was introduced to Cleveland Public Power’s intern-to-apprentice program by her grandmother.

“She didn’t have much information about this program -- she just gave me an address and time and told me to be there.” Her grandmother emphasized what a great opportunity the program was for Buchanan.

Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb poses with Ta'Jahnae Buchanan. Photo: City of Cleveland Photo Bureau

She started her apprenticeship in 2019 -- a four-year program. During her first and second year of the apprenticeship, she worked on cable pulling, framing poles and setting transformer cans and secondaries.

She also worked in the utility’s transformer shop, getting transformers ready for crews. Buchanan has also worked in the utility’s trouble dispatch office. 

“This is such an exciting opportunity,” she said.

While Buchanan encountered obstacles during her apprenticeship, she noted that her perseverance paid off for her and helped her to complete the program.

In a CPP Linkedin post, Ammon Danielson, commissioner of CPP said, “We are proud of the hard work that Ta’Jahnae has put in to reach this pinnacle and we look forward to the role she will play as a mentor to those following in her footsteps.”