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Don't Go it Alone: Who Public Power Partners With

Public power utilities collaborate with a variety of third parties to accomplish all kinds of back office, operational, and other tasks. Here’s a snapshot of the different types of companies public power utilities engage with for consulting services, as reported in our 2023 Purchasing Outlook.

Service Percent of Utilities
Engineering planning 65.3%
IT 54.5%
Cybersecurity 52.5%
Ratemaking 48.5%
Safety 37.6%
Grant support 37.6%
Bulk power purchases 36.6%
Project management 31.7%

Strategic planning

Risk management 25.7%
Accounting and finance 21.8%
Emergency management 16.8%
Governance training 14.9%
Physical security 13.9%

Only 3% of respondents reported not having any consulting support

Infographic displaying the percent of public power utilities that engage third parties on different services