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Company Collaborates With TVA, ORNL on Potential Fusion Prototype

Type One Energy Group intends to build Infinity One, the company’s stellarator fusion prototype machine, at the site of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s shuttered Bull Run Fossil Plant in Clinton, Tennessee, Type One Energy said on Feb. 21.

The construction of Infinity One could begin in 2025, following the completion of necessary environmental reviews, partnership agreements, required permits, and operating licenses.

The Bull Run plant closed in late 2023.

Project Infinity is the result of a tri-party memorandum of understanding signed in 2023 between TVA, Type One Energy, and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in which they recognized that fusion has the potential to become an attractive carbon-free power generation technology and expressed an interest in the successful development and commercialization of economic and practical fusion energy technologies.

Type One Energy said the construction of Infinity One at Bull Run aligns with Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee’s vision to position the state as a national leader in clean energy, and Project Infinity is the first recipient of funds from the Governor’s Nuclear Energy Fund.

In partnership with TVA and ORNL, Type One Energy will explore subsequent opportunities to further advance commercial deployment of fusion energy in the East Tennessee region.

Infinity One will allow Type One Energy to verify important design features of its high field stellarator fusion pilot plant, particularly those related to operating efficiency, reliability, maintainability, and affordability, it said.

Type One Energy will establish its headquarters in East Tennessee, creating over 300 high-paying jobs within the next five years. Project Infinity, which includes the deployment of Infinity One and Type One Energy’s new headquarters, is expected to bolster economic growth and energy technological leadership in the region.

“TVA is working with our partners to pursue new ideas and innovative solutions that meet growing energy demand in real-world conditions,” said TVA President and CEO Jeff Lyash. “We appreciate this partnership between Type One Energy, ORNL, our local power companies and elected and economic development officials as we work together to identify energy technologies for the future.”

In addition to Type One’s commitment to safety and regulatory compliance, the company will begin engaging and collaborating with local communities in East Tennessee during the upcoming months.

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