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City of Edmond, Okla., launches New Online Customer Portal for Utility Customers

City of Edmond, Okla., utility customers will have at their disposal a versatile tool that will help them better track and manage their utility usage as well as allow the city’s utilities to provide enhanced services and programs, the city said on April 22.

“The Smart Choice platform allows our customers and the city to more effectively use our water and electric systems, helping keep everyone's costs down,” said Glenn Fisher, Edmond Electric Director.

Next-day hourly usage information for electric service and water will be available to view and graph, as well as historical hourly usage. Various tools will help customers track, compare and monitor their usage so they can better control utility usage and costs.

The new portal also has a variety of new features, including ways to report and track service outages.

Still available is all the useful information about customer bills, payment options and more that was found on the previous portal site, but the new meter and tracking technology will provide more up-to-date information.

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