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Key Accounts Certificate Program Next Steps

Next Steps to Completing Your Key Accounts Certification

For those looking to complete the program requirements and graduate from the Key Accounts Certificate Program, you’ll need to complete the following tasks within one year of completing the course:

1. Complete the online exam
  • The exam is multiple choice questions based on the key accounts curriculum
  • You received a paper copy of the exam in your course packets. You can record your answers on this copy and then transfer them to the online exam, if you’d like.
  • Access the online exam. It will be graded automatically.
2. Create a Customer Action Plan (CAP) and submit a copy to [email protected].

Here are some supplemental resources for creating your CAP:


Contact the Education Department at 202-467-2965; [email protected].

Key Accounts Certificate Program Manuals

Click on the links below for a PDF of the presentation.

  1. Electric Utility Industry Overview
  2. Implementing a Customer-Focused Key Accounts Program
  3. Developing Your Key Accounts Representative
  4. The Effective Key Accounts Toolbox

Key Accounts Training Bundle: Webinars and Additional Resources

The Key Accounts Training Bundle is a collection of additional resources that are available at no cost to participants in the Key Accounts Certificate Program. This bundle is meant to serve as a resource and is not required to complete the program. Click on the links below to access each resource.

Bonus materials saved here, including: 
  1. Customer Action Plan Template (Word doc)
  2. Decision Matrix (Excel file)
  3. Mobility Factor and At-Risk Revenue (Excel file)
  4. Sample Follow-Up Letter (Word doc)
  5. Sample Follow-Up Email (Word doc)
  6. Sample KA Welcome Letter (Word doc)
  7. Key Accounts On-Site Meeting Checklist (Excel file)
  8. Key Accounts Annual Meeting Checklist (Excel file)
Webinar: Implementing a Key Accounts Customer Relationship Management Tool
  1. Implementing a Key Accounts Customer Relationship Management Tool
Webinar Series: Electric Utility 101
  1. Exploring Electric Utility Regulations and Business Models
  2. Understanding the Generation & Transmission Grid
  3. Operating a Local Public Power System
  4. Managing a Public Power Utility Enterprise
  5. Keeping Pace with Utility Trends and Technologies

Study guides for each webinar can be found here

Webinar Series: Key Accounts
  1. The Art of Key Account Program Development and Enhancement
  2. The Art of Influence and Key Account Program Goal Setting
  3. The Art of Managing Your Largest and Most Influential Key Accounts
  4. The Art of Managing Time, Resources and Your Sanity
  5. The Art of Influence and Translating it Into Support for Key Accounts
  6. The Art of Relationship Building and Creating Value for Key Accounts

Presentations for each webinar can be found here