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Designed to help you develop skill sets and dive deeper into complex subject matters, preconference seminars offer longer class times, smaller class sizes, interactive formats and experienced instructors. Seminars require advance registration and additional registration fee. 

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Sunday, November 4

8:30 a.m. – Noon
Conducting a Customer Service Check Up

Recommended CEUs .3 / PDHs 3.25 / CPEs 3.8

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in key customer interfaces — beyond rates and reliability — and underlying supports. In customer service, discover how to assess your processes, staffing, technology, and satisfaction metrics, and to design new services. In key accounts and energy services, learn if your programs convey professionalism and are open to continuous improvement. In community outreach, find out if your communications are effective, consistent, and on message. Then dive into internal services like budgeting, human resources, payroll, IT, and purchasing to see how well they support a culture of customer service. Leave with a plan to conduct a complete check-up and improve customer service at your utility.


  • Steve VanderMeer, Senior Vice President of Planning & Marketing , Hometown Connections 
  • Patricia Cruz, Vice President of Consulting & Training, Hometown Connections
  • Cheryl Anderson, Director of Training and Member Services, Florida Municipal Electric Association 


1:30 – 5 p.m.
The Body Language Workshop: Ace Your Communications

Recommended CEUs .3 / PDHs 3.25 / CPEs 3.8

Whether it’s with your colleagues, leaders, friends, or family, strong relationships are founded on good communications — which goes beyond words. Studies show that 55 percent of communication is nonverbal and two people can exchange more than 800 nonverbal cues in a 30-minute conversation. Join us to explore body language principles and techniques to enhance your communication and influence. Discover how you display your emotions and intent through nonverbal cues to shift the human dynamics of a situation. Learn the five body language channels and how to apply them in your communications. Discover the secrets to negotiating successful through good body language.


  • Erick Rheam, Vice President, Business Development, Automated Energy


1:30 – 5 p.m.
Emerging Trends and Opportunities in Energy Efficiency and Distributed Energy Resources 

Recommended CEUs .3 / PDHs 3.25 / CPEs 3.8

Come and find out about the latest in energy efficiency, including the rapid transformation of the lighting market and the rise of connected devices. Learn how to capture behavioral and operational savings through connected devices. Get up to speed on the latest in real-time evaluation, measurement, and verification of energy efficiency at the meter. See how you can improve customer service, increase reliability, and reduce costs by integrating distributed energy resources into your utility and power system planning. Explore load management opportunities through energy efficiency, demand response, battery storage, and electric vehicles.

Course Topics

  • Impact of rapid market transformation on energy efficiency programs and savings opportunities 
  • Capturing behavioral and operational savings through connected devices
  • Latest trends in real-time EM&V and measuring savings at the meter 
  • Demand reduction and load management opportunities through energy efficiency, demand response, battery storage, and electric vehicles
  • Integrating DERs into utility and power system planning 


  • Emily Levin, Manager of Program Strategies, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation