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Public Power Day of Giving

Help demonstrate public power's commitment to community service by volunteering with us in San Diego, California.
June 7, 2024

2024 Day of Giving | San Diego Coastkeeper

  • APPA is partnering with San Diego Coastkeeper to lend a helping hand at Mission Beach, Belmont Park to pick up trash and prevent marine debris from accumulating in the San Diego coast. San Diego Coastkeeper protects and restores fishable, swimmable, and drinkable waters in San Diego County. They are a major force in transforming the San Diego region into a leader in sustainable water management. San Diego’s engaged and informed communities promote a healthy environment that supports high biodiversity, resilient ecosystems, and thriving neighborhoods. 

  • Join us for a beach cleanup! Volunteers will help remove litter and debris to protect our oceans and marine life at Mission Beach, Belmont Park. Volunteers will be given a brief educational talk about the impacts of plastic pollution, litter, and urban runoff on water quality and marine life. Tools will be provided by San Diego Coastkeeper. 




About the Public Power Day of Giving

Public power is defined by our commitment to community service. Each year we kick-off the National Conference by celebrating this commitment with the Public Power Day of Giving, where conference participants can donate a day to volunteer with local service organizations in our host community. In addition to engaging in a day of meaningful volunteer activities, participants get to spend the day meeting other members of the national public power community, making lasting connections that will remain long after the conference is over.


Complete the Volunteer Registration form to sign up for the 2024 Day of Giving.


Contact Addie Walsh ([email protected]) and/or Nyemah King ([email protected]) for more information about the Day of Giving.

We’ve compiled a few ideas for giving and some graphics and plug-and-play templates you can use to talk about the Month of Giving on your organization’s website, social media channels, in employee communications, with local news, or wherever else you’d like to share.

Giving ideas

Below are just a few ideas for ways to give during the month. What’s right for your organization will be specific to your community and could include any number of efforts.

In-person events

  • Gather a group to volunteer at a local food bank
  • Organize a park cleanup

In-office efforts

  • Partner with a charitable organization to host a donation drive for clothes, shoes, glasses, food, pet food and supplies, household goods, diapers, school supplies, or whatever else is needed in your community.
  • Host a blood drive.

Virtual options

  • Set up an online giving campaign for employees for a cause of your choice.
  • Showcase local charitable organizations on your website or in utility communications to encourage customer donations or consider a matching initiative.
  • Give time to offer your skills and expertise, such as through a mentoring organization like Career Village or a platform for pro-bono services, such as Translators without Borders.
  • Sign up to write letters to active duty members of the military, through an organization such as Soldiers Angels, or those living in long-term care facilities, such as through Adopt-a-Nursing Home.

Have you held a different kind of giving event not listed here? Share your ideas that your public power peers can replicate with us, and we’ll post them here. Contact us at [email protected].

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