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Energy and the Environment Curriculum

This curriculum, with slides and videos, helps develop a high school course on energy and the environment.

Course Overview

This document contains one pdf document, 13 PowerPoint files, and 3 media files. The pdf document contains instructions for use, the teacher guide, and student handbook. There are 13 PowerPoint files. Twelve (Lesson 1-12) are part of the curriculum and to be taught chronologically, while the last PowerPoint file (Energy Jobs) provides an overview of the career opportunities available in the energy sector. Lessons 5 and 9 have media files that are to be played during the teaching of the lesson. While it is not necessary to purchase an educational kit, these materials are intended to be taught in conjunction with one.

An educational kit can be purchased separately through an educational curriculum developer. To create its kit, Santee Cooper used ECA Educational Services (www.eca.bz). The kit materials can be found here.

The curriculum takes about 3-4 weeks to complete if the full curriculum is used in the classroom. Schools would need a kit for each classroom that is using the curriculum or one kit can be shared among classes if used during different time periods.

Course Documents

Links to all files to download

  • Energy and the Environment PDF
  • Lessons 1-5
    • Lesson 5 Video
  • Lessons 6-9
    • Lesson 9 video 1
    • Lesson 9 video 2
  • Lessons 10-12
  • Energy Jobs PPT