2016 National Conference Presentations

2016 National Conference Final Program [pdf] 

Watch the video of Sue Kelly's State-of-the-Industry Address


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Dan Aschenbach, Moody's Investors Servicce, "Rating Agency Outlook for Public Power," 23 pp. Members Only

Mason Baker, Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems, "Is it Time to Choose? UAMPS Carbon Free Power Project," 17 pp. Members Only

Girish Balachandran, Southern California Public Power Authority, "How is the Drought Affecting Power Generation in the West?," 15 pp. Members Only

Tim Blodgett, Hometown Connections, "Executive Compensation Packages to Attract the Best," 12 pp. Members Only

Bill Bottiggi, Braintree Electric Light Department, "Peak Energy Management Program: Reducing Transmission and Capacity Costs in ISO-New England," 12 pp. Members Only

Bill Boyce, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, "Transportation Electrification Utility Business Case," 10 pp. Members Only

Gary Brinkworth, Tenneesee Valley Authority, "A Method to Identify and Communicate Distributed Generation Value," 17 pp. Members Only

Timothy Burke, Angela Galloway, Dave Insinger, Maurice Kimsey, and Courtney Polk, Omaha Public Power District, "Embracing and Cultivating Workforce Diversity," 24 pp. Members Only

Matthew Cordaro, Long Island Power Authority, "Communicating in a Crisis," 21 pp. Members Only

Hank Courtright, Electric Power Research Institute, "Apps, Drones and More: New Technologies and Trends," 51 pp. Members Only

Meena Dayak, American Public Power Association, Edith Bullard, PCI Communications, and Chris Gent, Kissimmee Utility Authority, "Branding: Your Customers Do Judge You By Your Cover," 93 pp. Members Only

Meena Dayak, American Public Power Association, Suzanne Hartman, Chelan County PUD, and Michael Vigeant, GreatBlue Research, "Customer Satisfaction: How Do You Measure Up?," 36 pp. Members Only

Anita Decker, Northwest Public Power Association, "Succession Planning Toolkit for Management and Critical Positions," 23 pp. Members Only

Christine Donovan, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, "Energy Efficiency for Tomorrow's Customers," 28 pp. Members Only

Kimberly Dozier, CNN, Recommended web sites, 1 pp. Members Only

Russell Frisby, Stinson Leonard Street, "Information Sharing vs. Customer Privacy: The CISA/VCC Connection," 19 pp. Members Only

Randy Gerardes, Wells Fargo, "Investor Perspectives on Public Power Bonds," 10 pp. Members Only

Kevin Gertig, Fort Collins Utilities, "Public Power Forward: Our Changing Customers," 14 pp. Members Only

Mollie Gore, Santee Cooper, "Communicating Through Crisis," 17 pp. Members Only

Bruce Hallin, Salt River Project, "Ensuring Economic Vitality through Sustainable Water and Power Investments," 6 pp. Members Only

Tom Hanrahan, WPPI Energy, "Financial Structuring of Community Solar," 10 pp. Members Only

Jayne Harkins, Colorado River Commission of Nevada, "Water & Power: How the Drought is Affecting Electric Power Generation in the West," 11 pp. Members Only

Tim Hebert, Energy New England, "Adding Value through Distributed Resources Management," 15 pp. Members Only

Alex Hofmann and Paul Zummo, American Public Power Association, "Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Using Data to Improve Your Utility," 31 pp. Members Only

Randy Howard, Northern California Power Agency, Bill Gaines, Tacoma Public Utilities, and Marshall Empey, Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems, "Public Power and Western Electricity Markets," 16 pp. Members Only

Doug Hunter, Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems, "To Sell or Not to Sell," 10 pp. Members Only

Sue Kelly, American Public Power Association, "State of the Industry," 21 pp. Members Only  Watch the video

Dave Koster, Holland Board of Public Works, "Sound HR for a Sound Utility," 18 pp. Members Only

Josh Lich, Opower, "Public Power Forward: Our Changing Customers," 9 pp. Members Only

John Little, Long Island Power Authority, "Reforming the Energy Vision," 11 pp. Members Only

Franz Litz, Litz Energy Strategies, "Mass-Based Trading Under the Clean Power Plan," 18 pp. Members Only

Bob Lotts, Arizona Public Service Commission, "Water and Energy in Arizona," 9 pp. Members Only

Michael LoweRenee CastilloMichael MendoncaGlen Traasdahl, Wayne Wisdom, and Cheryl Zittle, Salt River Project, "How SRP Maintains its Focus on the Customer," 16 pp. Members Only

Bill Malcolm, AARP, "Utility Issues & the Residential Customer," 14 pp. Members Only

Jessica Matlock, Snohomish County PUD, "Cybersecurity: A Different Look at Information Sharing," 13 pp. Members Only

Kevin Maynard, City of Hamilton, "Energy Efficiency: A New Public Power Paradigm," 29 pp. Members Only

Paul McElroy, JEA, "Sound HR for a Sound Utility," 21 pp. Members Only

Mike McGough, NuScale Power, "NuScale Power Small Modular Reactors: An Important Part of the Future of Nuclear Energy," 42 pp. Members Only

Keegan Moyer, Energy Strategies, "Emission Trading Under the Clean Power Plan: Market Implications of ERCs," 7 pp. Members Only

John Murphy, Fidelity Investments, "Investors Perspectives on Public Power Bonds," 11 pp. Members Only

Brian O'Connell, City of Bowling Green, "Using Energy Efficiency to Promote  Economic Development While Building Efficient Load," 10 pp. Members Only

Jeff Panger , Standard & Poor's, "Rating Agency Outlook for Public Power," 7 pp. Members Only

Dennis Pidherny, Fitch Ratings, "2016 Outlook: U.S. Public Power and Electric Cooperative Sector," 15 pp. Members Only

Lanie Prouse, Mycoff Fry & Prouse LLC, "Executive Compensation Packages to Attract the Best," 13 pp. Members Only

Mark Reddemann, Energy Northwest, "Energy Northwest, NuScale & UAMPS: The Carbon Free Power Project," 7 pp. Members Only

Laurie Rodriguez, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, "Succession Planning," 22 pp. Members Only

Nancy Ryan, Energy & Environmental Economics, "Transportation Electrification: Energy Efficiency Writ Large," 9 pp. Members Only

Steve Sax, Murfreesboro Electric Department, "Anatomy of a Buyout Attempt," 28 pp. Members Only

Jonathan Schneider, Stinson Leonard Street, "Share and Share Alike? What's a Utility to Do With the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015," 20 pp. Members Only

Ron Schoff, Electric Power Research Institute, "The Incubatenergy Network," 17 pp. Members Only

Carolyn Slaughter, American Public Power Association, "Air, Water and Waste Regulatory Update," 38 pp. Members Only

Adam Wade, Foley Hoag LLP, "Federal Residential Tax Credit Eligibility for Community-Shared Solar Panel Owners," 16 pp. Members Only

Dave Walters, Grand Haven Board of Light & Power, "Executive Compensation Packages to Attract the Best," 20 pp. Members Only

Fred Wellington, Andy Reger, and Rodney Romero, Leidos, "Community Solar A to Z," 31 pp. Members Only